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Fishermans Story – 1 minute read

While I was walking around “Obedska Bara” saying hello to people, I ran into an old man with a kids backpack and a need for a talk.

Every story with a fisherman starts with “Did you catch anything?”. Usually the answer is “Not much”. He explained to me about baits that he uses, places in the swamp where it’s good to fish like I was holding a fishing rod and not a camera.

Pray he was trying to catch

Pray he was trying to catch

Every man has a story how it was much better before and this old man had a similar story for “Obedska Bara”. He said this place was much nicer until people started exploiting it more and more. He told me the history of the swamp and when I got home I decided to check it out on the Internet and to my surprise what he said was almost all correct. Based on the facts I have heard I believe that “Obedska Bara” was a much nicer place before but it is still a beautiful place worth visiting.


Just… all this knowledge did not help him catch any fish….

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