Beautiful Photos From An Airplane Window

There is nothing more awesome then staring out of the window of an airplane while it takes off! The sceneries you can see are breathtaking: big cities, mountains, clouds – that’s the closest you can be to the top of the world.

If you are an airplane pilot, this stuff probably gets boring after a while but not for us regular people. I stick my head to the window and just stare relentlessly, I feel like a dog in a car ride.

Odds of being killed on a single airline flight are 1 in 29.4 million

If you are the person that closes their eyes and pray the airplane doesn’t start crashing down to the ground like a kamikaze – I am sorry to say but you are missing out a lot. There are much greater chances of winning the lottery than involuntarily becoming a kamikaze, so why don’t you grab that window seat next time and check out the amazing views that are yours for the taking.

The sad part is that I have no idea where were some of these taken… and location of some of them is, of course, obvious. So if you recognize any of these places let me know.

Number of fatalities per million flight hours: 12.25

If this did not convince you to sit next to a window I hope these photos I took from some trips will. Unless you have really weak bladder… Than for everyone’s sake stay in a seat next to an aisle.

ps. Got better photos than these ones? Why don’t you share them with us in the comment section below?

photo from an airplane window photo from an airplane window photo from an airplane window photo from an airplane window photo from an airplane window 7 photo from an airplane window

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