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Bali and 10 Amazing Things About It

People in Bali

I have traveled across a good part of South East Asia and I can say that the people in Bali are the most awesome people in all aspects! They are pleasant, good, fun and always ready to help! Even my experience with the shadiest people of Bali has never made me worry about anything, feel unpleasant or threatened. They are constantly laughing, they say ‘hello’ and of course they like you even more if you are a foreigner or should I say “bule” (an Indonesian name for foreigners).

Balinese family enjoying their day trip on one of the highest bridges in Asia

Balinese family enjoying their day trip on one of the highest bridges in Asia


Naming their children

The most common name in Bali is Wayan. Wondering why? The answer is that the first child is always named Wayan, the second child is named Made (pronounced Ma Day), the third is named Nyoman and the fourth Ketut. It’s simple, four names for the entire island. Imagine if the people in your immediate family were named those four names, and in the family of your friends, and the whole island! Trick question: What happens if somebody has 5-6 kids? It’s simple – they just start all over again – Wayan, Nyoman etc. “Ni” is added in front of female names, Ms, Miss.



Religion is the nicest aspect of Bali. Many Balinese use every chance they get to show their worship of their gods. One example is that you can see offerings all over Bali – in front of shops, houses, hotels, etc. These offerings are for the spirits. Usually when you offer something, you expect something in return, but in this case they just want demons to go away.

Bali is full of temples, and really beautiful temples at that! You can see people leaving their offerings to the gods and praying every day. There are many religious ceremonies and if you visit Bali you will run into one for sure!

Temple Besakih

Temple Besakih


Nature in Bali

Are you bored with city crowds, touristic places, concrete and the city heat? In Bali every hotel has its own small garden which is really pleasant and made for enjoyment. But that’s not what I wanted to talk about when it comes to the nature of Bali. The eastern part of the island is really beautiful, from the vast rice fields to rice terraces, to the peasants who will always say “hello”. There is also one special place in Bali – Agung mountain, which is actually a volcano. What it’s like at the top of the volcano – read here

Rice Terraces


Bali Beaches

Do I need to talk about this? When you say Bali that’s the first thing that comes to your mind! The beaches in Bali are best when you visit them between April and October. That is the dry season and it’s best to go at that time and enjoy surfing, kite surfing, bars, swimming, etc. The most popular beaches are Nusa Dua, Kuta and Balangan. Bear in mind that all beaches have something special and different about them, so try to visit as many as possible. Some beaches are not popular just because they are far away from touristy areas, but they are really beautiful.

bali panorama

bali beach


Are you the kind of person who likes a healthy life, peace and meditation? Then Bali is the place for you, although I must be honest, I don’t think yoga lovers have that healthy life after all. Most of the yoga people I met were dead drunk, maybe that’s a kind of different way of seeking inner peace, but hey, I don’t judge, I just join the party.

But still, all yoga studios I have seen looked cool and would have certainly made me go for a class if I had not found my inner peace in diving. To be honest, I’m sad I did not try some yoga.



Are you a diver or do you  want  learn to dive? Bali is perfect for that! With numerous dive spots and a magnificent marine life (manta rays, mola mola, white tip sharks) Bali is probably one of the most favorite places for divers and also free divers! If you visit, you can go to manta point (which is a cleaning station for mantas and you can even see 20 mantas at one place) or dive at the shipwreck site of the USS Liberty which was sunk by a Japanese submarine and witness how amazing marine life around Bali is!

manta ray

USS Liberty Shipwreck

USS Liberty Shipwreck



Yoooo dude, surfs up! In Bali you can, pretty much, surf anywhere. Uluwatu, Kuta, Legian, all of those places are really cool to surf at. Renting a board is cheap and people working there are all friendly. While you rest you can talk with them, have a beer and just have an awesome time! Watch out for the big waves – as an inexperienced surfer I had a few hard hits, but it takes more to get me out of the water.

Yours truly.... Trying to surf...

Yours truly…. Trying to surf…


I was amazed by the prices in Bali. I always had a feeling it is a very expensive place to visit but I was wrong – which, in this case, is really a good thing! Finding accommodation is cheap (as long as it is not a really touristy part of the area), food is cheap – make sure to visit night markets. The only thing a bit more expensive is alcohol. Beer-like products have affordable prices, but if you are on a budget don’t go near the wine section! Turn around and walk away to the nearest beer aisle.


Sunsets and sunrises

Sunsets and sunrises are really awesome, you cannot get enough of those! They are really beautiful and enjoyable. If you are in a quiet place near the water it is mesmerizing. You forget about everything, all the worries go away and you become a truly nice person with a smile slowly cracking through your lips.

sunset in bali



That’s my few cents about Bali! I want to hear from you now! What’s is your favorite thing to do in Bali? Any suggestions for the people going there? Leave your comments in the comment section below and check out my 500px for more awesome photos!

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